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Víctor Meseguer appointed Special Commissioner for the Social Economy by the Spanish government

On 14 February, the Council of Ministers of the Spanish government, on the proposal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy, approved the appointment of Víctor Meseguer Sánchez, until now director of Social Economy Europe (SEE), as special commissioner for the social economy. This commissioner, who has the rank of under-secretary, is responsible for promoting and coordinating all initiatives related to the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) of the social economy and care.

Royal Decree 782/2022, of 27 September, created the Special Commissioner for the Social Economy. The functions of the new commissioner, Víctor Meseguer, will be to disseminate, promote and encourage policies and plans for the transformation of the value chains of the care sector and the social economy; to develop public-private collaboration to guarantee access to and implementation of social economy and care projects; and to collaborate and encourage Spain’s international dialogue with regard to the implementation of PERTE, as well as other national and international strategies, actions and initiatives that affect social economy entities.

The Commissioner’s work will contribute to consolidating the foundations of the social economy in public policies in a structural way and as an economic and social ecosystem in the country. In short, he will promote social economy companies and organisations, in line with the path set out in the European Action Plan for the Social Economy, approved by the European Commission with the support of various governments, including the Spanish Government.

Extensive and highly qualified experience in the social economy

Víctor Meseguer (Murcia, 1990) has a degree in Political Science and Administration from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. He also holds an advanced master’s degree in interdisciplinary analysis of European construction (Institute of European Studies of the Free University of Brussels) and a master’s degree in corporate social responsibility from the University of Murcia.

The new Special Commissioner has extensive experience in the field of social economy. Until now and since 2015, he has held the position of Director of Social Economy Europe (SEE), the organisation representing the 2.8 million companies and entities of the social economy to the European Union.

Upon learning of his appointment, Victor Meseguer said: “I am extremely grateful for the eight years I have spent with Social Economy Europe, which have been of great importance in my life. I have been able to work with amazing leadership and professionals oriented towards the common good, both within the network, the European institutions, and national, regional and local authorities. I truly believe that the social economy movement can contribute to building a more sustainable, resilient, egalitarian and prosperous Europe and, fortunately, the European institutions now share this vision.

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