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Social Economy News

News of the European Social Economy

About us

CIRIEC-Spain, with the collaboration of CIRIEC-International, presents the Social Economy Information Bulletin, “Social Economy News” whose mission is to promote access and exchange of information on the magnitudes and activity of the Economy Social in the European Union and beyond, as well as its researchers and actions of the public powers, as an essential and unprecedented means to advance the visibility and knowledge of the sector, a demand and historical need demanded by its representative entities.

Its main objectives are to identify the sources of information essentially in the European social economy, obtain and select relevant information from them, and disseminate this knowledge online through a Newsletter whose goal is to reach 50,000 subscribers.

The compilation of news from three large groups of information sources of the social economy: representative entities, companies and entities; research centers and public institutions, turn the “Social Economy News” into a comprehensive and unique newsletter in the world.

As an important added value, the Bulletin also offers news about the activity of the main Spanish and European research centers dedicated to the study of the Social economy, and the results of their research, as well as about the performance of European institutions around to the Social Economy and social entrepreneurship, the work of the different Governments of the EU States, and other information that is considered relevant on the sector.

The Bulletin also includes in each issue an opinion article by a relevant personality on the social economy.

All this is reflected in an electronic newsletter of modern and current design, which will also be disseminated in three languages: Spanish, English and French.


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