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New Law on Social entrepreneurship in Serbia

After a decade of work on the Draft Law, the Law on Social Entrepreneurship was adopted at the session of the National Assembly on February 4, 2022. The law is one of the most advanced legal solutions for the social entrepreneurship sector in Europe and, for the first time in Serbia, sets the legal framework for the sector in which about 500 companies operate.

The main feature of social enterprises in Serbia is that they were established as a result of a private initiative aimed at offering sustainable solutions for community development, through social innovation, innovative products in the field of environment and circular economy, social inclusion and other areas of sustainable development.

They are characterized by social mission, democratic governance and the obligation to reinvest or return profits to the community. Social enterprises have been providing sustainable support to various vulnerable groups, playing an important role in their social integration.

The text of the law is the result of intensive work by all members of the Working Group, from the public, private and civil sectors, with active consultations with social enterprises, and represents one of the most advanced legal solutions for the social entrepreneurship sector in Europe.

The law will regulate the sector through different programs and, implement various forms of support, whether for entrepreneurs, companies, foundations, citizens’ associations or cooperatives. The law also provides the establishment of a functional Council for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship and prepares the planned Sector Development Program.

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