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New book: ‘The Law of Third Sector Organizations in Europe’

The book ‘The Law of Third Sector Organizations in Europe: Foundations, Trends, and Prospects,’ edited by Antonio Fici, a professor at the University of Roma Tor Vergata, has been published by Springer. This book presents and discusses the law of third sector organizations in a selected number of European Union countries and in a comparative perspective, with the aim of providing a common basis for further legal analyses or legislative advancements both at the national and supranational level.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I explores how each national jurisdiction deals with the group of organizations identified by the authors as “third sector organizations,” regardless of the names or commonly known terms used for these organizations in each country or regulatory context.

Chapters in this first part of the book examine cases from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

The chapters in Part II of the book adopt a synthetic and comparative approach, outlining pathways for future research endeavours in legislation pertaining to the Third Sector.

Book Summary

National Perspectives on the Law of Third Sector Organizations
• The Third Sector in Belgium, by Henri Culot and Joanne Defer
• The Diversity of Third Sector Organisations in Denmark, by Karsten Engsig Sørensen
• French Economie Sociale et Solidaire in the Middle of the Ford, by Véronique Magnier
• Law in Transition: Reforming the Legal Framework of the Third Sector in Germany, by Florian Möslein
• Third Sector Organisations in Ireland: Assembling the Regulatory Jigsaw Pieces of an Evolving, If Fragmented, Sector, by Oonagh B. Breen
• The New Italian Code of the Third Sector. Essence and Principles of a Historic Legislative Reform, by Antonio Fici
• The Legal Infrastructure of the Third Sector and the Social Economy in the Netherlands, by Ger J. H. van der Sangen
• Third Sector in the Third Republic: An Overview of the Law and Practice in Poland, by Arkadiusz Radwan, Marcin Mazgaj and Przemysław Żak
• The Legal Regime of the Social Economy Sector in Portugal, by Deolinda Meira
• Social Economy and Third Sector in Spanish Law. Convergences and Divergences, by Gemma Fajardo-García

European and Comparative Law of Third Sector Organizations
• Third Sector Organizations in a European and Comparative Legal Perspective, by Antonio Fici
• The Taxation of Social Economy Entities in the Perspective of EU Law, by Gabriele Sepio
• European Law of Third Sector Organizations from the US Standpoint, by Dana Brakman Reiser

Book ‘The Law of Third Sector Organizations in Europe: Foundations, Trends, and Prospects,’

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