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Leuven to host the 2023 ICA CCR Cooperative Research Conference

Next year’s joint ICA CCR Global and European Cooperative Research Conference will take place on 10-13 July in Leuven, Belgium. Hosted by the Centre of Expertise for Cooperative Entrepreneurship (KCO KU Leuven), the conference will bring together academics, researchers, and cooperative practitioners and policy-makers to discuss the latest research and policy developments in the area of cooperative governance.

KCO KU Leuven is a research and teaching centre that brings together various stakeholders from the field of cooperative entrepreneurship with the aim of “advancing knowledge, proficiency, and legitimacy”.

The conference will explore a range of topics, including: innovations in cooperative governance; new technologies and cooperative governance; new forms of cooperativism; cooperatives innovating towards ecological sustainability; cooperatives, social innovation and civic wealth creation; resilience, crisis and innovations; cooperatives in new sectors and developments in traditional sectors; innovations in cooperative law; and cooperative education and training.

Abstracts and panel proposals for the conference can be sent by 31 January 2023. 

The ICA Researchers’ Congress joins other cooperative and social economy research events taking place next year, such as the 9th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy (4-6 July 2023 in Seoul, Republic of Korea), and the 9th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise (11-14 September 2023, Frankfurt, Germany).

Further information on the event is available on the conference website.

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