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Guide to the writing of a law for the Social and Solidarity Economy

SSE International Forum has published the result of several years of work. This is the publication of the Guide to the writing of a law for the Social and Solidarity Economy. This Guide was written for SSE International Forum by David Hiez, Professor of Civil Law at the University of Luxembourg. He works in particular on social economy and cooperative law.

This guide is not only new, but it is also timely, at a time when more and more States are adopting laws on the SSE. It is called a Guide, but it is above all a toolbox available to legislators, who can refer to it to determine the legal personality of their social and solidarity economy organisations, but also to anyone interested in the SSE, even beyond the question of law.

The SSE, in order to achieve the recognition it deserves, in order to change its scale, needs a legal framework. And this is the opportunity offered by this Guide, which has the advantage of having an international dimension that is in constant dialogue with local contexts and realities. This Guide is perfectly in line with the wish to disseminate knowledge on SSE, and to lead and facilitate the advocacy work of SSE actors.

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