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France: 2023 Edition of the Commented Atlas of the Social and Solidarity Economy

The new edition of the Commented Atlas of the SSE was unveiled at the national launch event for the Month of the Social Solidarity Economy, organised by ESS France on 6 November in the presence of Minister Olivia Grégoire. This reference work fills in the gaps in public statistics on the SSE and highlights the profound and dynamic transformations that the stakeholders are undertaking on a daily basis!

Since its first edition in 2009, the Commented Atlas of the Social and Solidarity Economy has become over time the reference work in France for presenting SSE’s data and analyzing its evolution and challenges.

Produced by the National Observatory of SSE, in collaboration with 4 researchers and the teams of ESS France, this 5th edition was supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Banque des Territoires, Caisse d’Epargne, and Harmonie Mutuelle. It follows on from previous editions, while exploring new angles and themes.

A new section is dedicated to European and international issues in a context of historic recognition of SSE by various international institutions (UN, ILO, European Union, etc.). The unpublished work conducted by the National Observatory of SSE on the accounting and financial data of SSE provides a reading of the specificity of its economic models. In this edition, the contributions of the SSE to the development of new forms of work are examined in greater depth, based on innovations that are increasingly gaining in importance in the public debate.

Finally, the contributions of the SSE to the development of economic sectors of the future, embodying the essential ecological and social transition, are extensively highlighted in the last part, as well as the territorial cooperation that forms the breeding ground.

You can order the book from the Lefebvre Dalloz website

Month of SSE

The event to launch SSE Month, organised on Monday 6 November 2023 by ESS France at the Crédit Coopératif headquarters in Nanterre, brought together a large number of stakeholders in the Social and Solidarity Economy. Several highlights marked the evening, including the introductory speech by Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Trade, and Handicrafts, who reiterated her commitment to “making SSE an economy deeply rooted in territories and allowing it to fully play its role in the context of an economy undergoing transformation in response to major ecological and social challenges.”

On his part, Jérôme Saddier, President of ESS France, declared: “We insist on the transformative power of SSE, as a strong transitional economy needs enterprises that commit structurally in the long term, that integrate all stakeholders, and that do not deviate from their statutory objective.”

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