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I European Social Economy Awards, 2021

Social Economy Europe (SEE) is proud to introduce the first edition of the European Social Economy Awards. The Presentation ceremony will be held on October 12 in Slovenia.

The European Social Economy Awards recognise social economy enterprises and organisations, networks and social economy leaders that support and enrich communities by making a contribution to society in tackling some of today’s biggest societal, environmental and technological challenges.

The Awards, to be replicated every two years, aim at raising the visibility of the social economy, in its whole diversity and across various sectors and countries, with a European focus (including partner initiatives from the Western Balkans, the Eastern Partnership, Turkey, Southern Mediterranean Countries, the Russian Federation, the UK and the EFTA Member States, which include Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).

The Awards will also serve as inspiration to other social economy actors, public authorities and citizens aiming at becoming entrepreneurs, activists and change-makers. These prestigious Social Economy Awards will have three categories:

Social Innovation: Including organisations which work towards the inclusion of individuals at risk of social exclusion, people with disabilities, migrants, individuals far from the labour market; and/or organisations providing innovative social services of general interest and solutions to societal issues.

Green Transition: For organisations working towards a Green and Just Transition, while upholding the values of the social economy. This can include renewable energy, housing, sustainable mobility, the circular economy, water management, sustainable food production, environmental and ecological education and activism among many others areas.

Digitalisation and Skills: For organisations working on upskilling and reskilling of social economy employees, potential entrepreneurs, students etc. This category also embraces social economy initiatives operating in the digital economy or with an important focus on technological innovation.

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