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EU elections 2024: manifestos, positions and demands of the civil society organisations

As the countdown begins until the next EU elections in 2024, Social Platform and its network of civil society organisations are bringing the voices of those it represents to the forefront and championing the issues they want to see prioritised in the next mandate.

Social Platform is gathering together the manifestos, positions and demands of the organisations that bring social rights issues to the forefront. Read some of these positions below, arranged under different focus areas:

Social justice and social protection

  • Caritas Europa
    A social Europe championing solidarity and global justice – access here
  • European Youth Forum
    Youth Manifesto – access here
    Youth Engagement Checklist – access here

Equality and anti-discrimination

  • European Disability Forum
    Building an inclusive future for persons with disabilities in the EU – access here
  • European Roma Grassroots Organisation Network
    End Racism to Build a Stronger Europe – access here
  • European Women’s Lobby
    Europe at a Crossroads – Equal Participation of Women at All Levels: Prerequisite for Peace, Prosperity and Societal Change – access here
  • AGE Platform
    AGE Manifesto – access here

Social Rights and Health

  • European Public Health Alliance
    Strengthening Public Health Across the European Union – access here
  • Mental Health Europe
    Manifesto for the 2024 European Elections – access here

Social Rights and Housing

  • International Union of Tenants
    Priorities for the European Parliament (2024-2029) – access here
  • Housing Europe
    European Manifesto to Lead the Way out of the Housing Crisis – access here

Just Transition

    Six progressive proposals to deliver a Just Transition – access here
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