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134 activities, in 36 universities, make up the 3rd University Week of the Social Economy in Spain

Centres, institutes and other university research structures in the Social Economy in Spain and internationally are celebrating the 3rd Social Economy University Week from 21 to 31 March. A total of 134 activities, in 36 universities, have been programmed for these days, completing a very broad and varied agenda of events, with the aim of publicising the intense university teaching and research activity on the sector of cooperatives, worker-owned companies, mutual societies, social enterprises and the third sector of social action.

The University Week is organised by CIRIEC-Spain through the ENUIES Network of University Social Economy Research Centres and Institutes. It consists of conferences, round tables, presentation of publications and results of research projects, seminars, workshops or specific training, among others.

Through these activities, the Social Economy is introduced to the University and vice versa, the University shows what is being done in its classrooms and laboratories towards the Social Economy (complete list of events with their description and contact details in the attached Excel).

Likewise, the 3rd University Week is held in the framework of the preparations for the 33rd CIRIEC International Congress on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy, which will take place from 13 to 15 June in Valencia, organised by the Spanish section of CIRIEC in collaboration with CIRIEC International, and with the participation of the ENUIES Network’s researchers and professors.

The last day, Thursday 31 March, in the afternoon, is reserved for a joint activity of the ENUIES Network, CIRIEC and the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA), which will be held in person in Valencia, at the Faculty of ADE of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and which this year will be dedicated to the European Action Plan for the Social Economy.

The session, which will serve as the closing ceremony of the 3rd University Week of the Social Economy, will be attended by the Spanish Minister of Universities, Joan Subirats; the President of Social Economy Europe, Juan Antonio Pedreño, and the President of AECA, Leandro Cañibano, together with the directors of CIRIEC-Spain.

La sesión, que servirá de clausura de la III Semana Universitaria de la Economía Social, contará con la presencia del consejero de Universidades, Joan Subirats; el presidente de Social Economy Europe, Juan Antonio Pedreño, y el presidente de AECA, Leandro Cañibano, junto con los directivos y expertos de CIRIEC-España.

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