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Newly published: The International Handbook of Social Enterprise Law

This open access book brings together international experts who shed new light on the situation of social enterprises, benefit corporations and other purpose-driven companies. The respective chapters take a multidisciplinary approach (combining law, philosophy, history, sociology and economics) and provide valuable insights into fostering social entrepreneurship and promoting the common good. The book brings together a total of 44 contributions written by 71 expert researchers and practitioners in this field, coordinated by Professors Henry Peter (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Carlos Vargas Vasserot (University of Almeria, Spain), and Jaime Alcalde Silva (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).

In an effort to address social problems at their root, social entrepreneurs create organisations that bring about transformative social change by taking into account, among others, ethical, social and environmental factors. A variety of social enterprise models are emerging internationally and demonstrating their vitality and importance.

Finally, the third part provides an international overview of social purpose companies around the world. 36 relevant countries have been selected for which the status of their respective legal systems is described. In some countries, there are already laws and regulations of various kinds dealing with social enterprises or some of their forms.

The Handbook offers a wealth of food for thought and guidance for all those interested in this field. It will benefit practitioners and decision-makers involved in social and community organisations, as well as in international development and, more generally, in the social sciences and economics.

The International Handbook of Social Enterprise Law

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