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New book by CIRIEC-France: “Numérique, action publique et démocratie” (Digital, public action and democracy)

This book is the fifth in the collection “Économie publique et économie sociale” published by Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre -PURH- under the direction of the scientific committee of CIRIEC-France. It is edited by Philippe Bance and Jacques Fournier, with the collaboration of Olivier Bonet and Yannick Prost.

The book provides a conceptual insight andoverview of the digital revolution, a major phenomenon of the 21st century. It is the result of the reflections of thirty-seven authors from top management, academia and the economic and social world.

The first part, devoted to public action, shows how the strategies of the various actors (public authorities, market platforms, digital commons) are articulated for the conduct of public policies, the establishment of infrastructures and the protection of the environment.

In the second part, which focuses on collective services, leading players in this new digital world present an in-depth analysis of the applications implemented in the various sectors of the public and social economy.

The third part deals with the interactions between digital technology and democracy, and describes the huge prospects opened up by the digital revolution, but also the risks it entails for law, justice, the protection of freedoms, and the functioning of our institutions.

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