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International Day of Cooperatives 2024 will call for the construction of a better future for all the people

The International Day of Co-operatives (#CoopsDay), which is officially celebrated every first Saturday in July, will have the slogan “Co-operatives Build a Better Future for All”, a theme that is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, as well as with the United Nations Future Summit, also to be held next September. The slogan is very similar to the one used during the International Year of Co-operatives 2012, and celebrates the fact that 2025 has also been declared the International Year of Co-operatives.

This commemorative day highlights the responsibility of the co-operative system to build a more sustainable and inclusive society, and is presented as an opportunity for co-operatives around the world to showcase the actions they are taking to protect the environment and combat climate change, as well as to build an environment of peace and stability.

Under this slogan, the aim is also to entice global youth to follow the path that co-operatives have historically carved out to ensure a sustainable future, through training and professionalism.

Jeroen Douglas, Director General of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), explained that “as we celebrate the important – and often silent – contributions of co-operatives, we should take the opportunity to reflect on what we have done to build a better world and what we can do better together”.

“Let us use this day to inspire each other, to collaborate, to assess all the possibilities to meet the SDGs and to take action to achieve them”, he stressed.

ICA has provided media materials for #CoopsDay 2024, available digitally on the CoopsDay website.

“Multilateral solutions for a better tomorrow”

The slogan chosen for this year is also in line with the one that will captain the next UN Summit of the Future: “Multilateral solutions for a better tomorrow”; and which will take place on 22-23 September 2024.

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