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France: Towards the ‘SSE Week in Schools’ – 7th

The 7th edition of the SSE Week in Schools will be held from 17 March to 1st April 2023. SSE Week in Schools aims to promote the Social and Solidarity Economy among young people. From kindergarten to university, in all French territories, it allows them to discover the fundamentals that guide this socio-economic logic, in particular through meetings with local professionals in this sector.

This initiative, led by L’ESPER (L’Économie Sociale Partenaire de l’École de la République), the Office Central de la Coopération à l’Ecole (OCCE) and Coop FR and supported by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports and the Secretariat of State for the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy, puts the spotlight on actions carried out throughout the school year or specially organised during SSE Week at School.

Numerous initiatives can be organised with students: visits to enterprises, film debates, presentations in class by SSE leaders, volunteers and employees, cooperative games, solidarity actions, running the school cooperative, etc.

To date, more than 100 activities are already planned throughout France. It is always possible to schedule a new activity on the website

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