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France: Manifest for a united, clear and conquering SSE!

The Manifest for a united, clear and conquering social economy has been signed in France. Published in the magazine Alternatives Economiques, it has been signed by activists, managers, leaders of the social economy, entrepreneurs and researchers who believe more than ever in the relevance of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in a world facing major challenges for democracy and social cohesion.

According to the manifest, the SSE “is not a reservoir of good ideas, but a dynamic based on inexhaustible energy: the power of action and initiative of citizens. It takes many different forms in our associations, cooperatives, social enterprises, foundations and mutual societies, but it is always embodied in the desire to push back the frontiers of the economy of the Common Good and social innovation”.

The signatories are united around the concept of the Social and Solidarity Economy as defined by the law of 31 July 2014, which in the last two years has inspired resolutions recognising the SSE at European and international level (ILO, UN).

This SSE, recognised internationally, must now take hold of the growing threats (ecological, digital, financial…) and the challenges of a profound transformation of the socio-economic model, without ever ceasing to rely on the need to strengthen and build citizenship. “It’s our responsibility to future generations”.

The manifest invites all those who want to work “to invent a local and sustainable economy, to seek sober and equitable post-growth, to transform work”. The signatories make a collective and resolute commitment to this. “Yes, we believe that by acting together, with a clear identity, the SSE can become the standard for tomorrow’s economy, and thus contribute to the necessary systemic changes”.

First signatories:

  • Jérôme Saddier, President of ESS France and
  • Claire Thoury, President of Mouvement Associatif
  • Benoît Hamon, former SSE Minister
  • Alain Coheur, President of ESS Forum International
  • Alain Arnaud, President of CIRIEC France
  • Marion Lelouvier, President of the French Centre for Funds and Foundations
  • Eric Chenut, President of Mutualité Française
  • Elisa Braley, Collectif FemmESS
  • Hugues Sibille, Chairman of Labo de l’ESS
  • Mahel Coppey, Deputy Mayor of Nantes, President of the Réseau des collectivités Territoriales pour une Economie Solidaire (RTES) (Network of Local Authorities for the Solidarity Economy)
  • Bastien Sibille, Chairman of Mobicoop
  • Pierre Hurmic, Mayor of Bordeaux, President of GSEF (Global Social Economy Forum)
  • Michel Jezequel, President of the Chambre Régionale de l’ESS (CRESS) Bretagne and 1st Vice-President of ESS France
  • Claude Alphandéry, Honorary Chairman of Labo de l’ESS and France Active
  • Pierre-René Lemas, Chairman of France Active
  • Patrick Jacquot, on behalf of the Association des Assureurs Mutualistes, Chairman and CEO of Mutuelle des Motards
  • Jean-Louis Bancel, former Chairman of Crédit Coopératif and Coopératives Europe
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