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Encyclopaedia of the Social and Solidarity Economy

Since its establishment, the UNTFSSE has played a significant role in raising awareness of the SSE and has called on the international community to recognize it as an alternative paradigm of development and a means of implementation of the SDGs. One of the first initiatives of the UNTFSSE was to establish an SSE Knowledge Hub with the aim of enhancing awareness of and contributing to the body of knowledge on the SSE. This encyclopaedia is one of the research outputs of this SSE Knowledge Platform.

This encyclopaedia provides lessons and findings on the positive contribution of the SSE, that prioritises people and the planet over profit and democratises the economy and society. It is available as a tool for education and communication on the SSE for all audiences and will assist policymakers, raise awareness and create opportunities to promote the SSE at international, national and local levels.

By providing legitimate and credible information and knowledge on key issues of SSE, the Encyclopedia will introduce SSE to those not familiar with it, offer them with an overview of a wide range of topics associated with SSE, and allow stakeholders to check facts or gain additional knowledge.

The Encyclopedia has 57 entries and a list of 70 contributors of all around the world. It is clearly organised into thematic sections addressing histories, concepts and theories, actors and organisations, development, and environment and governance.

This is an open access title. It is free to read, download and share on This work has been funded by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


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