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BREED project: Empowering the action of local communities in the field of social economy

The BREED (Building Community Resilience and Sustainable Development through social economy) project is proud to announce the successful implementation of its capacity building program aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills and promoting sustainable development in local communities. This initiative, funded by the European Commission under the SMP programme, has been instrumental in equipping people in the public and private sectors with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive positive change and create economic opportunities within their communities.

The program focuses on empowering participants in the field of the social economy to increase their capacity to address the challenges faced by local communities. Through a series of interactive workshops, training sessions, and study tours, participants received the skills and support to contribute to the growth and resilience of their communities through public-private partnerships, innovation, and social action.

The BREED project has actively involved a wide range of stakeholders, including social entrepreneurs, local community members, and individuals passionate about social and economic development. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the project has created a support network that encourages social innovation and cooperation.

The successful implementation of the capacity building program is a testament to the dedication and collaboration of the project consortium, comprised of:

  • The Community Foundation of Agrigento and Trapani (coordinator), Italy
  • The European Network of Social Integration Companies (ENSIE)
  • The Commonwealth of Ribera Alta, Valencia, Spain
  • The Municipality of Katerini, Greece
  • The Municipality of Paredes, Portugal
  • The Municipality of Alcamo, Italy

Together they have leveraged their experience and resources to make a lasting impact on the business ecosystem and drive positive social change locally and regionally.

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