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Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Volume 93 – Issue 2, Special Issue on Challenges of Impact Measurement for the Social Economy

The latest issue of APCE is dedicated to a key and topical theme: Social Impact Measurement of the Social Economy, edited by M.J. Bouchard and D. Rousselière. The papers of this special issue explore various methodologies used by social economy organizations to measure and improve their impacts (participative and multicriteria approaches, quantitative analysis, micro-econometrics, social return on investment…).

This variety of approaches not only reflects the diversity of what the social economy produces but is also indicative of the debates surrounding the relevancy and validity of impact measurements at the organizational level.

This special issue is composed of nine articles which were submitted following a call for papers.

  • Recent advances on impact measurement for the social and solidarity economy: Empirical and methodological challenges, by Marie J. Bouchard, Damien Rousselière
  • A political economy of social impact measurement, by Florence Jany-Catrice
  • Social impact measurement: An interpretive framework based on the economics of conventions and two French case studies, by Marion Studer
  • Cooperative identity as a yardstick for transformative change, by Sonja Novkovic
  • Impact of cooperative membership on production efficiency of smallholder goat farmers in Nepal, by Huma Neupane, Krishna P. Paudel, Mandeep Adhikari, Qinying He
  • Evaluating social impact in practice: Constructing a response to institutional demand in a French nonprofit organization, by Julien Kleszczowski, Nathalie Raulet-Croset
  • Measuring the impact of sheltered workshops through the SROI: A case analysis in southern Spain, by Teresa Savall Morera, Carmen Guzmán, Francisco J. Santos
  • Understanding social impact assessment through Public Value Theory: A comparative analysis on WISEs in France and Denmark, by Bryan Dufour, Francesca Petrella, Nadine Richez-Battesti
  • Vers une conception d’évaluation plurielle et collective de la mesure d’impacts de projets en ESS. Inscrire territoires et durabilité au cœur de la demarche, par Valérie Billaudeau, Emmanuel Bioteau, Oriane Vérité, Cécile Grémy-Gros, Hervé Christofol
  • Towards the transformative social economy: Proposal of a system of indicators for cooperative social entrepreneurship, by Mirene Begiristain-Zubillaga, Enekoitz Etxezarreta-Etxarri, Jon Morandeira-Arca


Call for Papers on Farmers’ organizations and Sustainable Development

APCE looks forward to receiving submissions on Farmers’ organizations and Sustainable Development. Guest Editors: Wanglin Ma (Lincoln University, New Zealand); Marco Marini (University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy) and Dil Rahut (Asian Development Bank Institute, Japan).

Farmers’ organizations can support the sustainable development of agricultural sectors and improve the living standard of rural households in many countries. These organizations play multiple roles in increasing productivity, strengthening bargaining power, improving farm management skills, increasing household welfare and livelihoods, and boosting rural development.

In this special issue, APCE invites high-quality theoretical, empirical and experimental articles that study the impacts, outcomes, and implications of farmers’ organizations. It also welcomes articles investigating organizational performance, governance, and efficiency. Articles devoted to literature review will also be considered. Although the special issue focuses on Asian countries, articles on other countries are welcome.

Submission deadline: 31 July 2022.

Call for papers:

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