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News of the European Social Economy

SEN#5September 2021

Let the potential of the social economy be fully acknowledged and exploited!

Anna Athanasopoulou, Head of Unit of Proximity, Social Economy and Creative IndustriesEuropean Commission

During the time of the pandemic, the demand for social economy has never been greater. Social economy organisations have been a trusted partner, operating at the forefront of the crisis to address urgent sanitary and social needs. I personally heard how much solidarity and creativity many of them have shown during the past months, from helping to step up production of medical equipment to adapting to the new reality.

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I European Social Economy Awards, 2021

Social Economy Europe (SEE) is proud to introduce the first edition of the European Social Economy Awards. The Presentation ceremony will be held on October 12 in Slovenia.

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Meeting in Cascais (Portugal) of the Follow-up Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration for the Social Economy

The Follow-up Committee of the Luxembourg Declaration for the Social Economy, chaired by the Portuguese Government this year, met on 13 July. At this meeting, the Cascais Declaration was adopted, confirming once again the commitment of European governments to the Social Economy business model.

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The European Committee of the Regions recognizes the relevance of the European Social Economy Action Plan and highlights its contribution to local and regional development in Europe

The European Committee of the Regions has adopted an opinion on the Action Plan for the Social Economy, a plan that is expected to be approved by the European Commission in the last quarter of 2021. Through this opinion, the CoR provides a series of policy recommendations focused on three points - training, dissemination and financing - for the development of this plan, which aims to promote the contribution of the Social Economy to local and regional development in Europe.

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Public and Private Initiatives for Social Economy

CEPES and CIRIEC hold the 3rd meeting of the OECD Project on legal frameworks favourable to the Social Economy

The third meeting of the project 'Promoting legal frameworks favourable to the Social Economy', led by CEPES in the framework of the OECD Global Action for the Social Economy, was held on 7 September. CIRIEC-International participates in the project as scientific partner, through professor and legal expert Gemma Fajardo (University of Valencia, IUDESCOOP and CIRIEC-Spain). The meeting was attended by 35 participants from 25 organisations supporting the project, including public and ministerial departments responsible for Social Economy from six countries (Brazil, Canada, Korea, Italy, Mexico and Spain). The project is funded by the European Union.

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The Governments of Spain and Portugal renew their collaboration to strengthen the Social Economy model

The Spanish Minister of Labour and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, and her Portuguese counterpart, Minister Ana Mendes, reaffirmed their commitment to the Social Economy on 8 September in the Portuguese city of Coímbra by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in this area.

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Research and Studies

Three research papers of CIRIEC on SSE statistics have been released by the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE)

The papers on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) statistics aim at supporting stakeholders to deepen their understanding of the methodologies on SSE and policymakers to establish and improve SSE statistical systems.

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Hundreds of researchers from all over the world show an intense agenda of studies on Social Economy at the CIRIEC International research conference on social economy in Costa Rica

CIRIEC held the 8th CIRIEC International research conference on social economy in Costa Rica from 8 to 10 September, with a very intense agenda of paper presentations and conferences. A total of 525 people participated in the Conference, in which 180 scientific papers were presented, either in person or online, on the most varied topics of cooperative movement and the social economy, and in particular on the responses being offered by the social economy to the current pandemic situation. The Conference was organised by the recently constituted Costa Rican section of CIRIEC, chaired by the Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED) of Costa Rica, in collaboration with CIRIEC International.

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Social Economy Schedule

5th Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF)

The Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) is a global network that aims to serve as a hub for sharing visions and experiences through cooperation and collaboration to build an inclusive, equitable and human centered world. At the GSEF2018 closing ceremony, which took place in Bilbao city, it was officially announced that the fifth edition of the forum, GSEF2020, would be taking place in Mexico City; however, due to the current pandemic, in 2020 a virtual version was made with more than one million hits. This 2021, Mexico City will receive the GSEF2021 in its face-to-face and digital editions.

October 4-8, 2021


8th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise

The EMES International Research Network, in partnership with the Empower-SE COST Action, the University of Zaragoza’s GESES-Zaragoza University Research Group (Grupo de Estudios Sociales y Económicos del Tercer Sector), the Social Economy Laboratory LAB_ES and CEPES Aragon are pleased to announce the 8th EMES International Research Conference on the theme “Social enterprise, cooperative and voluntary action: Bringing principles and values to renew action“. The Conference will take place on October 4-7, 2021, at the University of Zaragoza, Teruel Campus (Teruel, Spain).


Social Economy Intergroup Public Hearing – Social Economy as an Industrial Ecosystem

On October 7 2021 there will be an important Social Economy Intergroup public hearing on Social Economy as an Industrial Ecosystem: A catalyst to Build Back Better & Fairer. This will be a hybrid event from San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain), organised by the SEIG in cooperation with SEE and the Basque High Council of Cooperatives.


XIV Congress of the RULESCOOP Network - Almeria, 2021

On 7 and 8 October 2021, the XIV International RULESCOOP Congress will be held at the University of Almeria (Spain), organised by the Centre for Research in Social Economy and Cooperative Enterprise Law (CIDES). The general theme of the Congress is "Cooperative Identity: highlighting the differential elements of the cooperative and solidarity economy".


European Social Economy Awards 2021

These Awards recognise social economy enterprises and organisations, networks and social economy leaders that support and enrich communities by making a contribution to society in tackling some of today’s biggest societal, environmental and technological challenges. The Presentation ceremony will be held on October 12 in Slovenia.


2nd International Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy - Carthage (Tunisia)

The 2nd International Forum on Social and Solidarity Economy, entitled "Reciprocity in cooperation, from local to international: SSE creativity in times of crisis" (Carthage, Tunisia) is a scientific event and an open forum for exchanges bringing together SSE actors, civil society, territories and universities, from the North and the South, in order to create the conditions of accessibility for all to the resources of a territorial, sustainable and solidarity-based development.

25-27 October 2021


12th ILO academy on Social and Solidarity Economy

The Cooperative António Sérgio for Social Economy (CASES) has partnered with the ILO to design the 12th edition of the ILO's Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy, which will have a special focus on the role of ESS in the face of the challenges and opportunities posed by the rapidly changing world of work in the context of the crises generated by the COVID19 global pandemic.

15-26 November 2021


ICA Cooperative Research Conference on the Cooperative Identity

As we count down the days for the World Cooperative Congress, ICA will organize a few preparatory events. One of them is the ICA Cooperative Research Conference, to be held from 28 to 30 November 2021. The Cooperative Research Conference will explore and address specific themes intrinsically linked to the overarching theme of the Congress: “Deepening Our Cooperative Identity”.

This conference together with the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law will be the precursors for debates on key-themes and sub-themes of the 33rdWorld Cooperative Congress, building content for discussions based on scientific and analytical contributions.

Seoul, 28 to 30 November 2021


3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law

In the run up to the World Cooperative Congress, the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) will organise the 3rd International Forum on Cooperative Law with the theme: Identity of Cooperatives and the Harmonization of Cooperatives Laws. Match or Mismatch?


33rd ICA World Cooperative Congress - Seoul, Republic of Korea

The 33rd World Cooperative Congress will enable the cooperative movement to explore its identity to build a more secure future. Using the current global crisis as a framework, discussions will aim to deepen the cooperative identity by examining its values, strengthening its actions, committing to its principles and living its achievements. Registration is open!

1-3 December 2021



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